Saturday, February 5, 2011


In spite of my previous post about the city's inability to handle snow, yesterday was pure bliss for me. I am fantastically in love with snowfall, and yesterday we got it all day long! I remember that even when I lived in Minnesota, I would be the one person in my class who would choose the colder window seat just so that I could spend half the class period looking out at the snow as it fell while listening to my professor. I never get sick of watching snow fall! So imagine my delight when I arrive at my eye doctor appointment at 7:30 yesterday morning and snow suddenly starts falling all around me in large flakes. Even better, it was the kind of snow that is beautiful as it falls but doesn't wreak too much havoc because it is falling.  When the appointment was done, I grabbed some breakfast for BJ and me and headed home to the boys. We had one more doctor's visit to handle for the day (a check-up for Silas at the pediatrician), and then it was on to my knitting lesson (which is basically pure bliss on top of pure bliss. Tomorrow I'll post about my newest project!). Then came pictures in the snow, and then BJ's parents came over for dinner and games, which was very fun. And all the while, the snow was falling beautifully. Nothing crazy-good happened, no winning the lottery, no major events, just a nice, cozy, wonderful day of normal activities taking place while watching snow fall onto the creek and woods from our dining room window.

Thank you, God, for days like yesterday. Those kinds of days, like so many others, just remind me of why I'm so lucky to be alive.

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