Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Body Is Cool

It's amazing to me how complex and well thought-out the human body is. The very fact that our bodies are governed by a brain that does not yet have the capabilities to completely figure out itself is testament to this extraordinary complexity. I was pondering this topic as I was shoveling driveways today and my arms and back were becoming increasingly stiff with exhaustion. If I just think of my own muscles, I understand that in recent months my left arm has become quite a bit stronger than my right because I typically have Silas hitched up on my hip with my left arm while using my right hand for more complex tasks. These, however, do not seem to be the same muscles that are primarily used when shoveling, because now I'm sore in all kinds of other places in my arms. This is also a different soreness than I am feeling in my right arm from my jog the other day (yes! I went on a jog around the park with Silas in the jogging stroller). Somehow I managed to jog for the first time in five weeks and get sore nowhere except my right arm, which was controlling the stroller. And this is also not the same soreness that happens after I've been knitting for two hours and realize that my hands are about to kill me. Wow, this post really sounds like a gripe-fest about how old and decrepit I am becoming, although that's certainly how I feel right now after my shoveling adventure. Really this post is just to express my amazement about how a crazy-smart Creator and millions of years of time passing have evolved us humans into finely-tuned works of art. Pretty sweet.

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