Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wah Wah Wah

Do you ever experience a time interval in which you feel incredibly confident about your ability to do something? And in that time interval, which usually doesn't last long but feels like it could just possibly last forever, you set a goal for yourself that you look back upon and cringe? You think, why oh why did I ever say that I would do that? In the words of Dennis Quaid on the Ellen Degeneres show, "Why, God, why?" Why did I ever feel that I should increase my jogging distance goal from 5K to 10K? Now I'm stuck running really really far. Really far. Even worse, since I am the organizer of the marathon relay team, I'm ultimately responsible for finding the other people to run the needed legs of the race. So when my sister, God bless her, injured her knee and understandably had to back out of the longest leg (12K), I had to find someone else to take it...and the person I found only wanted my leg, the 10K, so here I am with the 12K leg. Wah.

Okay, I'm done wallowing.

The fact is, I'm in not-so-good shape in terms of my endurance. But let's be realistic here: is 12K do-able for me? No, it really isn't. But can I put in at least 8 or 9 good solid kilometers, with some walking in-between? Now THAT I can do! So today, realizing that I have only two short months to prepare for this run, I decided it was time to really get down to business and get my butt on the jogging trail! So there I went, and I started by running 1K, then walking 2 minutes, running 1K, walking 4 minutes, and then running one last K. Tomorrow morning I'm going jogging with my mom, who is one of my 5K-leggers. Time to really get consistent and get 'er done. Time is on my side.

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