Friday, February 25, 2011

Making It Happen

BJ was out of town this week once again for work, and looks to be traveling twice in March as well. I never like it when he travels, but I have learned a couple of things about myself since he has been gone so much lately: First is that I miss him when he's gone, both because he is my best friend and because he is such a good dad and a major helper. The second thing is that, if God forbid something happened to BJ, I would somehow manage to survive without him. I always thought that LeAnn Rimes song "How do I live without you?" is so stupid, because all the time people are forced to go on and pick up the pieces of their lives after their favorite person has left them or passed CAN be done. I don't like to think morbid thoughts, but sometimes I do, and the reason that I know I'm not like LeAnn Rimes (apart from being much more awesome than her) is that I have amazing family members and friends that help me out when BJ is gone, and so I would survive. To name only a few that provided extra help or consideration this week were BJ's mom Sus, my own parents, Silas' caretaker Courtney, who provides him with love and happiness two days a week while I'm working, my friend Chanda and her husband, who kindly ate ice cream with me last night after a week of work, and my friend Sara, who spent the entire morning with me just now and was a helper to me while caring for Silas. Now don't get me wrong: Silas is an amazing baby and makes it INCREDIBLY easy to continue to do things that I enjoy, such as meeting friends for coffee for an hour and a half (yay Silas, loving hims some Cheerios in a highchair!). But when it comes to raising a baby, every extra pair of hands helps. So thanks everyone who helped me this week. You're the support that I needed while BJ was away. And to cap this off, check out this pic of the most beautiful and delicious mocha I have ever had, courtesy of the Gray Owl Coffeehouse in Norman... Cheers!

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