Friday, February 11, 2011

Parked On the Couch

Well, apparently our house is now the sick house on a frequent basis. BJ and I blame the routine "well-baby" check-ups at the pediatrician's office that seem to lead to "sick-baby" unhappiness a couple of days later. Grr. This time it was a stomach flu that began for Silas late Tuesday night. BJ and I both came down with it yesterday, me in the afternoon and BJ in the evening. Grr again. One thing I've learned is that it's difficult to wrangle a crawling baby when all you want to do is lay on the floor. I tried a number of tricks while waiting for BJ to get home from work and relieve me, most of which were successful and highly amusing to Silas. And when lying on the floor wasn't working, Silas found it extremely hilarious to see me vomiting. The boy was laughing harder than I'd ever seen him laugh, and all over my misfortune. I couldn't help but chuckle when it was all over.

Since I came down with the bug a few hours earlier than BJ, it stands to reason that he would still be suffering with it after I'm feeling better. At least there was a little bit of overlap. I'd say between the three of us that I'm faring the best, followed by Silas, who is still losing some fluids but generally is acting normal, and then BJ, who hasn't left the couch all day. Sadly, we have actually been selected to participate in the Nielsen TV ratings this week, so we are being paid $30 to log EVERY show that we watch this week on TV. Normally we wouldn't watch a lot of TV on a Friday, but my goodness, based on our logbook today we are totally going to contribute to the ridiculous average number of TV hours that Americans watch per week. And to further this sadness, it now also includes unfortunate viewing such as "Saved By the Bell: The College Years" and 30 minutes of "American Idol" (I was too nauseated to find the remote!). Don't judge me, Nielsen, don't judge me. I'm even considering writing, "We were sick!" on the log for Friday, just so that some anonymous data-enterer doesn't mutter, "WTF!?!" when recording our information. Ah well.

Here's to feeling better soon!

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