Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ode to Tex

We definitely got lucky with Tex. I remember the first moment I saw him, when we were visiting the farmer who owned him as a puppy, and Tex came running out of the barn, the first of the litter to come around the corner to us. This comes as no surprise now, as we know Tex well, and we know that he always likes to be in places first, even if that means shoving other adults, animals, and small children aside. As we petted Tex that day and then turned our attention to his brothers to check them out too, Tex became adorably jealous and found a giant weed to pull with his mouth. Then he proudly ran back and presented that weed to BJ, and we knew it was meant to be.

Now, that doesn't mean that sometimes Tex isn't a huge pain in the ass. He loves to bark, usually at nothing, and it invariably wakes Silas up from a much-deserved nap (at least, a Silas nap that mommy deserved). He snores terribly at night and throws his bowl on top of my bare feet when he feels it's his meal-time.  But all in all, Tex is wonderful and I'm so glad we've got him. He would argue that life has been difficult lately though. For beginners, he recently got a bath. Major suckage in the life of Tex, even when that bath takes place in the newly-renovated master shower and consists of warm water and oatmeal shampoo (and free hot dogs to lure him in). Even worse, last Friday he had to get his teeth scrubbed on and cleaned up by the vet, which required anesthesia. Poor Tex, although I would argue poor us, since that procedure was pricey. But things are also hard for Tex in his daily life. Just see here:

First of all, he has to play with his brother Silas. This is never easy.

Then he has to bring in the morning paper (for a treat, mind you!).

After that, we request that he vacuum under Silas' highchair for us. It won't be long before Tex trains him to drop that food for him on purpose...

And after he finishes all of that exhausting business, he feels it is his personal responsibility to guard the house by the front window, which typically results in him getting worked up into a tizzy over birds, schoolchildren, our neighbors pulling into their driveways, and nothing. Please note in this picture that Tex's hair is standing on end over: nothing. Do you see any rapists or murderers out in our driveway?

Finally, to further add to the fatigue of his grueling days, Tex must play with Silas some more...

and some more...

So thank you, Tex, for all you do. You bear your burdens well, old man.

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