Friday, October 22, 2010

A Statement I Thought I'd Never Make

I have long been a Chicago Cubs fan. Sadly, it runs in my lineage, much like an unfortunate bow-leggedness or propensity to snort when laughing. My Papa was born in 1919 and died in 2000, and he was a Cubs fan from birth to death. I cringe when I realize that during his span of 81 years, he never did see the Cubs win the World Series.

Honestly, some of the youngest pictures of me reveal a smiling child with an over-sized Cubs hat on my head. To my obvious delight, BJ is also a Cubs fan and always has been. I knew in college that he was the man for me when he was super cute, smart, treated me well, and told me that Ryne Sandberg was his favorite player of all-time (of course, Ryne Sandberg is also MY favorite all-time player as well). This July BJ and I had the exhilarating opportunity to meet Ryne Sandberg as he was managing the Iowa Cubs, who were in town playing the Oklahoma City Redhawks. We got to the game four hours early and were able to nab his attention in the empty stadium, and he graciously gave us about five whole minutes of his time. My heart still thumps in my chest when I remember being in the close proximity of such greatness.

All this to say that I have decided that for at least the next one year of my life, I am no longer a Chicago Cubs fan. I feel like a zombie as I type these words, as though some other strange person is typing them, but it's true. Those stupid, stupid men who are the higher-ups in the Cubs organization have once again demonstrated their extensive incompetence by choosing to NOT hire a qualified Ryne Sandberg as the new manager of a badly ailing team. What could spur team spirit more than a young Hall-of-Famer who can inject infectious energy throughout the dugout? What more do Cubs fans wish to see but their beloved Ryno taking his shot at trying to restore the Cubs reputation as a force to be reckoned with? Don't even get me started on past mistakes (cough, cough, spending a fortune on the ever-foolish Alfonso Soriano...cough, cough trading Hall-of-Famer-to-be Greg Maddux PLUS a million bucks for back-up shortstop Cesar Izturis). Don't EVEN get me started. All I know is, I have grown up knowing that those Cubs need all the help they can get every season. And next year, they'll be doing it without my support. Thanks a lot Jim Hendry, you giant moron.


  1. As an obsessed baseball (Rockies) fan myself, I can totally sympathize with your frustration and devastation. What a bummer.

    But your renunciation of Cubs fanship for a year raises an intriguing hypothetical question: what will you do if, against all odds, the Cubs make it to the playoffs/World Series under this Quade guy in 2011? Will you root for them? Watch the playoff games? Or will you hold strong and still refuse to support them?

  2. Damn, Jenny! You sure know your baseball... I am impressed, but sad for you. It's sort of like losing a distant family member or beloved pet.