Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Veggie Tale

With Texas having a big lead and pumpkin pie on my plate, I feel as though I can turn my attention to blogging now. I am enjoying the Texas Ranger dominance that's happening this post-season, especially since the Twins bit the dust early on once again. Go Texas go.

Well, 5-1/2 months ago BJ and I were blessed with an awesome, laid-back, adorable, happy baby Silas. I'm telling you, he's tops in my world. This is something that continually amazes me, especially because for about 28 years of my life I thought I probably didn't want children. We really like Silas' pediatrician. She had us spoon-feeding rice cereal at four months, and at five months we began vegetables. So far Silas has successfully tackled green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes with corn (livin' the big life!), and squash, and with nearly every bite of each of these he has made loud "What About Bob" mmm-mmm noises. What a guy.

So, I am now buying vegetables at the grocery store for Silas (Gerber brand, as I am no Julia Child). The other day BJ and I were perusing our Gerber options at the local grocery store and we were next to a very talkative lady who was eager to share that the particular market we were at has the best baby food prices in town. She then proceeds to tell us that it's so cheap, she has her 3-year-old child eating this stuff, just to get him away from some other options. Now, I'm no mother of a 3-year-old, I'll readily admit. But doesn't 3 years seem kind of old to be eating the pureed Gerber food? I mean, the introduction of teeth should automatically mean an upgrade in texture. She then proceeds on with how awful the stuff tastes. I am trying not to be oppositional with her, so I just keep nodding and smiling and thinking privately in my head, "WTH woman?" I, however, disagree with her. I have tried each of these vegetables (and rice cereal) personally before giving them to my baby, because why in the world would I want to feed my baby something that is disgusting? Guess what, people. Pureed green beans taste exactly like canned green beans, only in pureed texture. The same thing for peas and sweet potatoes! Nothing gross here. You can even look at the ingredients, and they say only the specified vegetable and water. So BJ and I are each thinking, this woman must not eat many veggies, canned or fresh, for her to keep babbling nonsense like this. Of course, she goes on to mention how lucky we are that we all have McDonalds. Of course. (I like a two-cheeseburger meal more often than I should, but is this the extent of our culinary aspirations?)

At age six months we get to add fruit onto the daily menu for Silas, and I'm excited. If only he could know about the delicious foods in store for him as he gets older and older.

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  1. ROFLMAO!!! thank you Jenny for that one! I can rest happily now!