Thursday, March 3, 2011

Courtside Seats

Last night our season-ticket account manager, who incidentally is da bomb, upgraded our tickets for the Thunder v. Pacers game to COURTSIDE SEATS, just because she is nice! I can't even begin to tell you how excited BJ and I were. You can see exactly how excited Silas was about it too. Do notice the kickin' Kevin Durant jersey that Silas is sporting.

Our exciting evening began with a free dinner at the courtside restaurant, which essentially is a gourmet buffet. Our dinner selections included chicken marsala, beef tenderloin, some fancy fish in a red sauce that I didn't eat because it was reminiscent of the chopping board on which the fish was likely filleted, fresh fruit, salad, delicious dessert, you name it. It.was.awesome. After that it was on to our seats where we got to see warm-ups and then the game up close and personal. Here are some of shots I got of KD to illustrate our proximity to greatness.

We were so close that you could see the rippling muscles, and I could even see the freckles on Nick Collison's arms (my second favorite player). As seen only on TV! Silas also had cameramen in his face three times, and the lovable mascot Rumble came to say hi to Silas as well (although he walked away with shoulders slumped and head down because Silas wouldn't wave at him).  The Thunder rolled to a huge victory over the Pacers. Coincidentally we were sitting immediately next to Cathy Keating, who is a former First Lady of Oklahoma.
Ms. Keating was incredibly nice and I chatted with her for several minutes of the game. She kindly oohed and aahed over my son and generally added a fun presence to our little row. At one point she volunteered to take a picture of the three of us in front of the court, and it would have been a great shot, except that I accidentally slid the camera button to 'video' just before handing it to her. So now instead of a great Christmas card photo of the three of us in front of KD, taken by the Governor's wife, we have a video of the three of us smiling for a long time with confused eyes and Cathy Keating's voice in the background saying, "It's not flashing! It's not flashing! Is something wrong?" Oh well.

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