Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mom's Birthday Project

When you are checking out at the register in a retail store in the mall and the salesperson matter-of-factly demands your email address, do you ever tell them that you don't have one?  You probably don't. But I do. I hate giving that information away. Usually my response is met with either a look of surprise or an icy "I-know-you-have-one,-you-hussy" look from the clerk. Here's a typical ensuing conversation that BJ and I have on the way out of that store as well:

BJ: You know they don't believe you, right?

Me: Whatever. How do they know I have an email address?  For all they know I could be Amish.

BJ: Because you look so Amish.

Me: Touche. (The boy has a point, as my jeans, aviator sunglasses, and above-the-shoulder hair are not exactly channeling Lancaster County.)

Well, when my dad is asked for his email address when he is in a store, he can honestly can tell the clerk that he doesn't have an email address, because that's how paper-and-pencil my dad really is. He only gets on the internet when the situation is dire, which happens once every few months. My mom is a little more in the swing of things, but not much. I finally got my parents texting at least, but usually with accompanying grumbles about how a phone call would be much easier. All of this to say, my parents are most certainly NOT among my blog readers. I'm fairly certain that my dad has no clue what a blog is, and my mom, though she has been on here once or twice, I can say quite confidently will not see her birthday present that I'm posting a pic of below. So mom, stop reading if you actually are!

As part of her birthday gift, I knitted my mom this snuggly little wine cozy.

Ain't it purty?

Now, I'm giving one more of these away to a friend that we're visiting on vacation next month, but I also don't think she reads this blog. Right, Lynn? You don't read this blog do you? So there you are friends, two of my latest knitting projects for you to see.

Also for you to see, reason # 11 why Oklahoma is so great... the redbud trees. The redbud is Oklahoma's state tree, and this time of year you see them in all of their glory, all over the place. They are just as lovely as the lilacs in a beautiful Minnesota May, except that they don't smell as good.

Have a great evening, friends.


  1. When stores ask me for personal info, phone number, email, etc. I just say "No, thank you." politely and ignore the icy stare. What drives me nuts is you can't just buy anything anymore. "Do you have one of our personal credit cards?" No, thank you. "If you sign up for one you can get 15% off your purchase today." No, thank you. "If you spend $40 more today you can get an extra 30% off your purchase." No, thank you. "Can I have your email address to sign you up for special discounts?" No, thank you.

    It goes on and on. I just want to buy my stuff and leave already! You know the worst place? The Post Office!!! It used to just be "Do you need stamps with that?" But now after the "Is there anything fragile, liquid, perishable or potentially hazardous?" question they ask do you need delivery confirmation, stamps, insurance, proof of delivery, etc. etc. etc. etc. The other day I finally said "Let's just say no across the board. All I want is to mail this package. Nothing else." ARGH.

    Anyway, the wine bottle cozy is lovely! Great job!


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