Monday, March 21, 2011

Still Knitting?

I'm wondering what to do about blogging about my knitting. Readers to this blog might think that I picked up this new knitting hobby, knitted with a furious passion for one month, and then suddenly dropped it... but this isn't true! I've actually been knitting regularly, but the problem is that I've been knitting gifts for other people, such as birthday presents and thank-you gifts. Today I'm beginning what is to be a slew of baby gifts, as we happen to know many people who are expecting little ones this summer. When all of those are done, I'm definitely knitting something for myself, and I have it all picked out.

A summer apron! This will be the perfect marriage of my loves for both knitting and cooking!

I definitely hate not posting about my knitting ventures, but alternatively I hate to post about what I'm knitting and spoil the surprise of a reader or two, as often the recipients of these gifts read this blog. Any feedback as to what I should do about this? I'm honestly not even sure if anyone else cares about my finished products but me! Let me know if you have an opinion!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I think you should definitely post pictures. I'd LOVE to see what you've knitted. And, it will encourage me to finish my ONE knitting project I started when I was pregnant with Hans! Take pictures of each project and post them after you've given them to their recipients....perhaps that won't wreck the surprise?