Monday, March 7, 2011

Trouble Has Been Brewing

Let me just quickly say that Pioneer Woman's popularity has spread to my blog. I have noticed that I have officially gotten more hits on the PW posting than any other posting in the past, including Mommy Mathematics. The PW fever is rocking my blog too apparently!

Have I mentioned that I love being the lone girl in this little family of ours? My three boys, BJ, Silas, and Tex, spoil me terribly, and quite frankly I just can't imagine ever needing to upset this balance by adding another girl to it. Well, maybe one more. Three sons and a daughter sounds pretty perfect. Lately, though, both of our sons have been up to heaps of trouble. If you've smelled something fishy lately, it's probably what has been brewing at our place. For starters, there has been lots of horseplay (don't worry, Silas wasn't hurt in this picture).

There has been entirely too much begging for table scraps as well.

To be fair, it has been from some more than others...

But Silas isn't off here scot-free. He's been TONS of trouble lately! I've had to say to him, "Son, don't walk away when I'm talking to you!"

He has also begun growing his hair out too long for his father's and my taste...

And I promise, BJ isn't trying to murder him, despite how it may appear. We are not running a Sweeney Todd establishment here.

But in the end, BJ and I have decided to keep these two rascals, because how can you say 'no' to these faces, I ask?

I guess I won't.


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