Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sometimes Days Are Bad

Like the title of this post says, sometimes days are bad. There are some days in this life I've led where I can honestly say, "I done got schooled" and chalk up victory to greater forces at work. You may as well chalk March 23, 2011 up to these forces. Do I think that God is responsible for this? No, nor do I blame Him. Do I believe that He could have intervened? Yes. I don't know why He didn't.

But the fact remains that He didn't.

Yes, my life was a little rough today and I'm suffering a bit on a few fronts, none of which are to be named tonight. I'm tired, lonely, and wishing a friend was sitting here at my table with me because I could use a friend. Instead, I'm relying on my computer and my good pal Russell, which is really a box of Russell Stover's dark chocolate caramels.

Astute observers will note that two pieces are already missing (you may assume that they have been eaten). Still two more have vanished since the taking of this picture. You can also safely bet that another will have made its way from the box by the time I hit "Publish Post." I swear I was onto something with my previous post in which I theorized that the 'pig-out' stage should be added to the grief cycle. My mama didn't raise no fool.

Sadly, some people I know and love have had far worse days today than I have. To my beautiful friend that 90% of my grief today is for, I love you (you know who you are). Never fear...we WILL kick ass. More like, YOU'LL kick ass and I'll watch from the front row while cheering you on and eating buttery popcorn. In the meantime, I'll share a quote that I intend for both myself and my beloved friend. The quote comes from actress Betsy Drake who starred as the adorable Anabel Sims in "Every Girl Should Be Married," a strange and funny little Cary Grant film that I used to watch as a younger girl.

"There's something about being a girl--- you take every single little defeat and turn it around and around until you make it one great big victory."

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