Monday, March 14, 2011

Double Dream Hands

Oh, my my my. Today I was watching The Ellen Degeneres Show while Silas was playing with his toys beside me. She showed a clip of the 'double dream hands' man, which is essentially an incredibly nerdy fellow performing some Napoleon-Dynamite-like moves while announcing them aloud (i.e. "shoulder, shoulder, now double dream hands!"). I think this link will lead you to the film if my description isn't colorful enough. So I'm definitely laughing out loud at this clip, and Silas is distracted by my laughter and looks to the television also. After a second he laughed out loud and said excitedly, "Dada! Dada!" while watching the nerdy man on TV. Poor BJ! I had to call him with that story, but reassured him that he is not a nerdy dancer.

For a general update, we had a great weekend. BJ was in Los Angeles all last week and returned home on Friday evening, so it was good to return to the co-parenting lifestyle again. Also, it was really nice to just be with BJ! We tried a Pioneer Woman recipe on Friday night from the cookbook of hers that I had autographed on PW night at Hastings. The recipe was for potato leek pizza, and boy was it ever good! BJ and I concluded that PW and we have the same taste in pizza toppings and cheeses. On top of this pizza were delicious sauteed leeks, thinly sliced potatoes, fresh mozzarella (NOT the bagged kind!), goat cheese, and bacon. I'm definitely not a pork fan, but a little bit of bacon on this was quite a nice addition. I forgot to take a picture when it was all pretty, but this is what the pizza looked like after we ravaged it.

Silas has also been surprising us with all kinds of tricks. Now he regularly says "Tex" which comes out more as "Tay" and he LOVES spending time with Tex. Seriously. This is not just me hoping that my two sons get along!

Of course, he also gets along with cats really well too, and took easily to a friendly cat at one of our friend's places. Silas had no qualms with making himself right at home in Kitty City.

It sucks that it's Monday, but ah well. What can you do? I hope that everyone has a great day!

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  1. So I read your blog about the PW cookbook the other day and I was like, Brian, look what Jenny got! So he was like, cool, and then disappeared for a minute and came back with my very own copy that he was going to give me for my birthday! Haha, he always does that when he gets me presents, but I was super happy and I made the creamy rosemary potatoes and they were delish! I hope we get to hang out soon :)