Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Modern Day Slavery"?!?!?

I'm tired after a long day, but I just can't resist arguing against the idiocy of Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson, who foolishly announced that playing in the NFL is "modern day slavery" because players are exploited at the hands of wealthy owners.

Where to begin with this completely ignorant statement?

A. Green Bay Packer Ryan Grant completely echoed my thoughts when he stated that literal modern-day slavery does exist in this world. I'd like to see Adrian Peterson living in a place like Dubai, where people really are carted off from their families, forced to toil as unpaid servants, receive no payment whatsoever, and live in tiny broom closets with no lights in the homes of their wealthy masters. They have no hope of ever escaping back to their families, who don't know where they are or how to reach them. That is slavery, you dumb jock.

2. As BJ pointed out, what a disrespectful remark to make about people who actually were African American slaves in this country, people who really were beaten, raped, lived in shacks, sold as property, and worked in the sun for their entire lives. Oh, but wait...football is the same thing, right?

D. (for you 'Home Alone' fans, please note my counting system a la Buzz) If you don't like playing football, Peterson, then by all means please retire. You have the right to leave. And when you do, you will have more money to live on than BJ and I, and nearly all other Americans, will spend their entire lives working for, and you're only 25. We're crying tears for you, real tears.

In conclusion, please don't judge Oklahomans as all being equivalent to this giant moron when it comes to beliefs regarding equal rights and black history (and slavery history, no matter where in the world we're talking about).

Now I'm done.  Goodnight.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, he's from Texas, not Oklahoma.

  2. I actually did know that he is from Texas, but I know that many OU fans lay claim to him (although many Vikings fans do too).