Monday, March 21, 2011

A Post for BJ

As BJ was packing his suitcase last night for the coming work week, he was bemoaning the fact that he was going to miss Silas.  BJ is a regular reader of this blog, and he has mentioned before how much he enjoys reading stories about our week when he is away for work travel. So, BJ, because you are gone and we miss you, this post is really for you. If other people are interested in these pictures and tales, then God bless them.

We'll start with this picture of BJ and Silas catching some college hoops this weekend. The very picture of contentment, right here.

But on with the adventures of today!

Since you had to miss out on it Dada, today consisted of all kinds of exciting and wondrous activities, including demonstrating our superman powers by helping mom close the dishwasher. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been there to help me. Look at those muscles bulging with exertion!

After finishing our chores, we played hard for a while, but paused to take a rest while looking out the window and pondering philosophy, aesthetics, quantum mechanics, and blocks.

We went to Nana's house for dinner tonight, and there were lots of delicious foods for Silas to eat, including scrambled egg yolks, tilapia, peas, and kiwi. Yum! And all the while we were eating, Papa was making funny faces at Silas so that he would squeal and kick.

After dinner we played outside on the deck and went for a walk in "Nana's park," which she and Papa have been working so hard to clean out.

Sam even came with us!

Later he got some snuggle time with Nana,

and afterward it was time to get back home. Bath time in the jetted tub!

But not before pulling one last trick on mommy for the day by pushing his bath towel into the water while I was focusing my attention on other bath-readying aspects.

Boys will be boys Dada. We miss you and love you.

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